Jerry’s Plumbing History

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Jerry’s Plumbing Repair was started by a brave and talented plumber named Jerry Spriet. Jerry opened his doors in 1989 and fast established a standard of plumbing service that created deep loyalty in his customers. For over twenty years Jerry single handedly managed his business and helped customers in need, and over and over they kept coming back. Jerry prided himself in taking excellent care of his customers and established the memorable catch phrase “Don’t Sleep With a Drip!”

In 2011 Jerry Spriet retired and sold his business. This was not an easy decision for Jerry. He had hoped to retire for several years, but felt deep concern for the welfare of his customers. Jerry would not settle for just any plumber to take on his business. After numerous interviews and careful deliberation, he found his replacement in a young, but knowledgeable plumber named Thomas Hicken.

Thomas Hicken already had ten years of plumbing experience, and had recently started his own business, Plumber-Tom LLC. He held a master plumber license, and had the skills and experience to qualify him for a teaching position at Bridgerland Applied Technology College, where he still teaches and oversees the training of plumbing apprentices.

Tom recognized the great responsibility it was to take on Jerry’s Plumbing Repair. In purchasing the business from Jerry, he committed to give the same quality plumbing service that Jerry had always provided. With Jerry’s decades of plumbing experience to back him, Tom went forward and carried on the tradition of quality plumbing repairs.

It was not long before Tom recognized that there was more work than he could handle alone. Jerry had done such a good job during his career, and had so many returning customers, that Tom had a difficult time keeping up with the number of service calls. It became evident that in order to provide the plumbing assistance to all of the customers, Tom would need help.

Tom has since hired several qualified, licensed plumbers to assist him. Each member of the Jerry’s Plumbing Repair team has been carefully selected, background-checked, and proven themselves capable of maintaining the high standard Jerry established in his career.

With a history of excellence, you know you are getting the best when you call Jerry’s Plumbing Repair!