The Bidet: An Excellent Alternative to Toilet Paper

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January 16, 2020
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The Bidet: An Excellent Alternative to Toilet Paper

Have you had this experience?  I was walking down the aisle at a large grocery store and needed some paper towels for my business.  I found where they should be, but everything was gone!  No paper towels and no toilet paper in the whole store!  So I searched other stores and found a similar situation.  

What can be done when there is not toilet paper?   Well, one thing Americans need to know for sure is that paper towels are NOT a good alternative to toilet paper, unless you intend to wipe and throw it in a garbage nearby.  Paper towels do not break down like toilet paper and as a result the WILL clog your toilets and sewer pipes downstream!  

There is another alternative.  The bidet is an apparatus that can be attached to your toilet which provides a rinse when you are done using the toilet.  It gives a shower-fresh feeling and best of all it does not require toilet paper!  There are many different options, including some pretty fancy once that are built into the toilet seat.  The Bidet does require water connection, which can come from the water supply of the toilet.  

Jerry’s Plumbing Repair offers installations for bidets.  Give us a call 435)563-6488 if you have questions or if you would like to have one installed.

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