Unfinished Basements

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May 22, 2018
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March 22, 2019
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Unfinished Basements

One of the best ways to improve the living space in a home is to finish the basement, and one of the most important rooms on any floor level is the bathroom. Plumbing fixtures are what bring comfortable and sanitary conditions to any home.

Jerry’s Plumbing Repair helps customers who would like to turn their unfinished basements into a comfortable space they would like to be in. From the rough plumbing stage when drain pipes and water pipes need to be installed for fixtures, to the finish stage when sinks, toilets and bathtubs are completed and ready for use, Jerry’s Plumbing Repair has the experience and expertise to bring plumbing to completion.

Piping can be adjusted, even below the floor to provide fixtures wherever desired.

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